Thursday, 6 November 2008


The whole notion of 'and - both' is one which I find intriguing. So many people worry about there being a right answer and trying to solve problems as if there is always a solution. Organisations, and people, are complex. We need to become comfortable with paradox and with polarity. Recently I came across a Teacher Tube summary of Daniel Pink's "A Whole New Mind". I have read this book a number of times and I like what it has to say. Pink understands that we need 'and-both'. It is not a move from one thing to another, but a realisation that holonomy is important - parts AND wholes. As a leader I ponder on this...

Here are some of the things I ponder:
Why do we still structure so many businesses in a linear fashion rather than as networks?
How can we support educators to be flexible, fast moving and 'whole-minded'?
Do leaders need to be designers? If so, of what? How?
What is emotionally compelling to different individuals and groups?
How could we develop leaders to be whole minded?
What parts of our education systems should we outsource to focus on what is really important?

Have a look at the Teacher Tube summary and see what you think. What do you think we need in order to thrive?

Daniel Pink's a whole new mind

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