Friday, 31 October 2008

Twitter not fritter

In terms of trends for the future I do believe that web 2.0 and 3 and 4.... will continue to have a huge impact on our lives and our businesses. Yet with the vast array of resources available it is easy to be swamped with the choice in things which are supposed to make our lives easier.

Twitter is one tool that I thought I could do without. All I could see is twitter as fritter. Who cares what someone is doing right now? If someone, even if I know them well, is about to go to the bathroom or is having curry for dinner, do I really need to know? That's when I started thinking about what might be more powerful usage of Twitter and I started 'playing'. What I have discovered is that twitter can be a great way to extend your networks and to share really useful ideas. Now I check it out when I fire up my computer and link into some amazing people from around the world. They help keep me up to date by referring me to links in areas that I may never have discovered for myself - I have learnt heaps! Twitters that are of the higher order thinking variety are much more useful to me. They can be used really powerfully in an organisation and across networks, to share and develop thinking. So let's all lift our game and tweet intelligently. Otherwise we are wasting an awful lot of time! (Yes I do know that some people want to know the intimate details of every motion...I'm not one of them).

And if you want a good example of how twitter can be used as an effective educational tool (and even possibly help break down traditional silos of learning) the read the blog article on Using Twitter as an Educational Tool. This blog has good ideas whether you are in education or in business so check it out. Then twitter me with some great thoughts that will extend us both...

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Anonymous said...

I too have wondered at the ways to use twitter as an educational tool...
this gave me lots of ideas!