Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Using Wordle for Survey Themes

One school I work with undertook a community survey in order to prepare for their strategic visioning. They used SurveyMonkey for their online survey and produced a wealth of information, much of it qualitative. One of the ways to identify trends from this survey was to put results into wordle. One of the questions that was asked was: When you think of our school what is the first word that comes to mind? Here is the wordle showing what common words appeared:

All the students in the school were asked questions too. Here is an example of what the Year 6 students said in response to the question: What was special about your school?

On the same question of "What makes your school special?" here is what the Year One students (five year olds) thought was special:

Fascinating isn't it?
I think wordle has lots of potential for quickly identifying themes, so thanks to Matt Tippen for sewing the idea in my head. I can see it's use for personal evaluations and for quick client feedback. What do you think?

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